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December 4th - 8th

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Darrell Gooden, Ph.D.

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Mr. Darrell Gooden, PhD has 20 years experience leading process analysis, cost reductions, and information management productivity improvements in the US government and with NATO partner countries. He is a leader of continuous performance improvement team efforts and has worked in diverse organizations; an experienced team builder, trainer, and leader tackling complex issues and delivering results; skillfully spearheaded many information technology initiatives that dramatically increased productivity and efficiency. Key skills include:

• Lean Six Sigma Deployment • Organizational Change Management
• Strategic Planning, Policy & Execution• Knowledge Engineering Management
• Activity Based Cost Management• Logistics Process Architecture

Darrell is on the faculty of the Adizes Graduate School (AGS). He has presented the Adizes Methodology at conferences and seminars that includes the World Future Society and Beijing’s Conference on Human Capital Strategy. Mr. Gooden has also presented on topics such as Innovation, Business Process Reengineering and Lean Six Sigma in Brazil, Canada, Portugal, Serbia, Denmark, China, Japan and France. He has over 10 years experience as a certified Spiral Dynamics Integral practitioner and is a founding member along with Dr. Don Beck of the Center for Human Emergence. He leads Lean Six Sigma seminars; consults as an expert in activity based costing, and has focused over the last 20 years in the area of cultural transformation and technology management.