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December 4th - 8th

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Bruce Stenslie

Economic and Workforce Development Professional
President & CEO

Bruce Stenslie, the President/CEO of EDC-VC has had many great opportunities throughout the years that has prepared him for his role at EDC-VC.

Stenslie has more than 20 years of experience in workforce and economic development, prior to joining EDC-VC in 2007. His former positions include serving as the deputy director of the California Workforce Association, the director of workforce policy for the Mayor’s Office in Los Angeles, the deputy director of the Ventura County Human Services Agency, the executive director of the Workforce Investment Board of Ventura County, and as the executive director of the Candelaria American Indian Council.

Stenslie has continued to serve the community throughout the years. In 2012, Stenslie was appointed by Governor Jerry Brown to the California Workforce Investment Board and by the Board of Supervisors to the Workforce Investment Board of Ventura County. In 2013, his peers elected Stenslie as chair of the California Association for Local Economic Development. He is also a member of many different boards including the California Enterprise Development Authority, Team California, First 5 Ventura County, and Community Action Ventura County.

With his extensive background and expertise, Stenslie has been a frequent speaker at workforce and economic development forums to help address the strengths of the regional economy, the local labor market conditions, and the economic development of strategies and services.

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